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Here are some common examples from our range.

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price € 44,60

Petz violin-shaped hardfoam case

violin-shaped hardfoam case, black nylon cover, back pack system, small sheet music bag, 2 bow holder, accessory compartment, weight: ca 1,40kg

price € 129

laminated wooden case with nylon cover

oblong case of laminated wood, backpack system, string tube, four bow holder, large accessory compartment, weicht: ca. 2,80kg

price € 144

reinforced synthetic violin case in new design

backpack system, small accessory compartement,
two bow holders, hygrometer, holder for shoulder rest,
weight: ca. 2,10kg

price € 63,50

bag for Cello

cello bag with 15mm foam padding, bowbag, notebag and accessory bag, backpack system, colour: black

price € 168

Petz cello bag, blue

reinforced cello bag with 18mm foam padding, tent zipper with protection against the instrument, bow bag, note bag, backpack set, reinforced straps and brackets, colour: blue